Welcome to the Princess Diana
Murder Investigation Club
A place for people to take action so that this could never happen again. A spot for people to lend a hand to the underdog, and help themselves in the process. A website
uploaded at the personal request of the late Princess of Wales, tyrannically taken from this world far to soon. A lady too important to forget and ignore. An example for us all,We hereby protest.
This web-site is the one that Princess Diana asked me to publish when she was still alive. I presume others were considered, but she was getting the cold shoulder from those a bit more timid.Who wants to seem at odds with a Queen and her Court besides maybe Robin Hood?Since she was a lover, I agreed to do it as explained within. It's also a sight for the less popular but still important Dodi Al Fayed. After all, her engagement to him was was key in the planned auto smash-up that ended their lives. All cover-ups aside, here's the real story, the reasons behind the foul deed,he legal reasons finally uncovered as to why the Royal murder was not prosecuted. It's because the Monarchy has immunity from criminal prosecution, and it's stretched a bit to the entire immediate family. With full personal and firsthand knowledge of the crime, my explanation and rendition of fact herein is the only fully accurate information available on the crime, or maybe if your a lawyer, non-crime since there is no provision for prosecuting the Royal family of England . France possibly could have, but the French are stuffy and don't have much stomach for that type of thing.Prince Charles, you did it! In fact he admitted it to me and wishes he hadn't .He lost a lot of freinds, respect, and misses her now that he's calmed down about the divorce. As far as Dodi is concerned, well I don't think he was particularly sorry about that. I think we can all understand he's just a man. So it's time to upgrade the law...read on, if you will.
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