For those who visit this website , PDMICLUB.COM, we found out from previous versions the story of how Prince William and Prince Harry came to be. Medically advised not to have children because of a common ancestor,Prince Charles and Lady Diana were in a bit of a predicament since they wanted to marry and bear an heir. As the most powerful monarchy left on the globe, yet suffering from the common royal problem of what's known as inbreeding they, had to find some way to produce healthy offspring as part of their general place in the scheme of things. So Chuck is still a distant blood relative, just not the actual father by intention. Best keept under wraps for a while for the sake of the twist in the Royal line, here we are today with a tentatively approved explanation, if not an outright expose. The family did not want to pay for hush-up money and are O.K. by the book I am writing about fathering Prince William and Prince Harry. Their line of work now a days would include things noble in nature, like the time honored institution of adoption and modern surrogacy and such.Long overdue, the book about it is unimpeachable since a 200$ blood test will prove my claim if challenged. Turns and events in my own life have made it a mandatory project. As far as Diana getting killed, well, she can't be legally damaged if I point out that the pregnancy's were done the old fashioned way. As far as me reporting it was actually a pre-planned murder makes it all the more interesting, if somewhat dangerous for me, anyway.
       Now I have two Grandchildren, biologically speaking, of course, named Prince George and Princess Charlotte. They let me name them (Princess Charlotte is named in honor of Prince Charles) and as an American I chose William after Willie Mays, Henry after Henry "Hank" Arron and George after George Herman "Babe" Ruth. The three top home run kings of all time in American baseball if you discount Bonds and Rodriguez as steroid users. I well remember my own tryout with the S.F. Giants and meeting Mays was a big thrill, got it?
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